Support Khaganat financially

There's more than one way to support us, one of them should suit you!


Make a monthly or one-off donation thanks to Helloasso

Helloasso allows us to collect donations without losing on costs (compared to Paypal). You decide how much more you want to give to Helloasso to make it work! This allows smaller donations. You can also make monthly donations.

It is a simple and secure solution to support the association.


Make a monthly donation or fund a project through Redbricks

Redbricks allows monthly donations for the whole project, but also to finance "bricks", i.e. a specific action in the project. If you want to fund a specific aspect of Khaganat, if you want a feature to come faster, this is the right option !

Redbricks uses its own system to fund itself and needs donations. Support them too!


Paypal is a way to manage transactions on the web, accepting, among other things, payment by credit card. You are free to give what you want. It is not mandatory to have a paypal account to use it. Part of your donations will be used to pay Paypal fees.


Donate on Liberapay

Liberapay makes it possible to support the work of the whole team via the button above, or of a particular member; if you wish to donate just to pay for the servers, make a donation to Pendorid


You can also make a donation directly to us, by SEPA transfer (one time or regular), by sending us a cheque or by giving us change at AFK and events where our members are present.

If this solution has your preference, send us a message to, we'll give you the exact number.